The Council Courier – a TCOE Newsletter

From the Editor: Welcome to the Council Courier, an electronic newsletter designed for those in the Howard County Community who want to know more about the extensive work of The Council of Elders of the Black Community in Howard County. The focus of the newsletter, developed by our History and Culture Committee, is education. We seek to strengthen the educational process for our children, and we want to provide educational information for our families, and others, who seek information on the history, culture, and development of African Americans, with a focus on Howard County, Maryland and the African Diaspora..

While the Council of Elders is few in number, we are very active in promoting the development of our community and African America families therein. This newsletter will add, in an informal way, information valuable in the pronouncement of our history and the celebration of our culture. We seek to inform, provoke thought, and to celebrate our heritage as we move into future endeavors here in Howard County.

Sylvia Cooke Martin   Chair, History & Culture Committee


TCOE Newsletter Volume 1 – February 2017

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