2015 Celebrations of Achievement

Parents, students, and special guests….Please mark your calendars for these upcoming dates/locations for our 2015 Celebrations of Achievement….check detailed event listings for schools celebrated on each date.

Date                                       HS Location (Grade level)
Tue, December 1            Atholton HS (high school)
Wed, December 2          Marriotts Ridge HS (middle school)
Thu, December 3            Long Reach HS (middle school)
Mon, December 7          Atholton HS (middle school)
Tue, December 8             Atholton HS (middle school)
Thurs, December 10     Howard HS (middle school)
Tue, January 5, 2016    Long Reach HS (elementary)
Tue, January 12               Glenelg HS (elementary)
Tue, January 14               River Hill HS (elementary)
Tue, January 20               Hammond HS (elementary)

About Celebrations of Achievement….
The Council of Elders in partnership with the Department of Student, Family and Community Services of the Howard County Public School System holds an annual celebration where African-American students receive an award for their academic achievements.

For details about membership in the Council or to submit a tax-deductible donation online, visit us on the web at www.thecouncilofelders.org

One thought on “2015 Celebrations of Achievement”

  1. Hello, my name is Michelle, my son {{name}} was in school the other day, he goes to Bryant Woods Elementary in Howard County and was informed by a friend that he had won an award. From the sound of it I believe it was the MSA achievement award for 2015. {{Son’s name}},lives with his father and brother in Maryland and some how they missed notification of this, his father works long hours and is always in the go. I just learned about this through my mother who also lives in Howard County and takes {{son’s name}} on Wednesdays to help tutor him in math, he apparently mentioned it to her. I want to personally apologize for any confusion or mistake on our part as parents for not having {{son’s name}} at the ceremony. Any recognition {{son’s name}} receives is greatly appreciated as he is extremely dedicated to his studies, becoming a strong leader and good citizen. Thank you all for the time, effort and support you offer these children, they need and appreciate more then you may ever know. God bless and happy new year.

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