TCOE 2018 – 2019 Community Academies

About TCOE Community Academies:

The Council of Elders (TCOE) of the Black Community has always been involved in educating the community. In 2008, TCOE formed a program named the Black Student Family and CommUNITY Network (BSFCN) to provide resources to our Black families in Howard County. See the October 2007 memo to the Board of Education and the September 2008 memo from former Superintendent Cousin. We know that educating our community is key to us moving forward as parents, students and the community.
Read more about the partnership TCOE has held with HCPSS since 1992. . .
With that in mind, TCOE has returned to educating our community through TCOE’s Community Academy! In conjunction with the HCPSS and other community organizations, we will provide information to the community on
– HCPSS Policies and Procedures
– Curriculum Education
– African Culture
– Family and Community Education, offering sessions for students and parents
– Creating a Parent Group

SAVE THE DATE! Upcoming Community Academy Sessions for the 2018 – 2019 School Year:TCOE Community Academy Dates_2018

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